Benefits of FLIR ITS training

A FLIR Intelligent Transportation System course is designed to maximize your understanding of how to get most out of your FLIR ITS detector.

FLIR Intelligent Transportation System courses will help you become more informed and more efficient.

Which product would you like to learn?

  • Smart city sensors

    This training focus on the sensors used in urban situations. Sensors, detectors used for Traffic Management control, detecting vulnerable road-users, collecting traffic data.

  • AID

    AID or Automatic Incident Detection courses are about the camera, detector used on highways, bridges, or tunnels to automatic detect incidents and collect traffic data.

  • Management Software

    These courses focus on the installation, configuration or operation of FLIR management software for ITS solutions.

How would you like to learn?

choose from classroom to online training

  • E-Learning

    E-learning or Self-study courses, select a training sit at your desk, behind your computer, and learn at your own pace. You can learn what, when and where it suits you best.

  • vILT - virtual Instructor Led Training

    This instructor-led training occurs in a virtual room. You and others log on to a platform and the instructor will teach you in real-time how to install and configure the FLIR ITS solutions.

  • In-person

    This instructor-led training (ILT) occurs in a training room, typically in an office, a classroom, a conference room, at a FLIR facility or on-premises. An instructor will teach you in the same room how to install and configure the FLIR ITS solutions.

  • On demand

    In this training, everything is flexible and negotiable. You select the courses in the format you prefer.

How to purchase a course?

  • A free course

    You register to this platform and you can start learning.

  • A self-study, live-virtual or in-person course

    Add the course to your cart, and follow the instructions. At this moment courses can't be purchased online yet.

  • A tailored course

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