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Smart City and AI Solutions

Introducing the next generation of FLIR Smart sensors: AI Sensors.

Smart city solutions

Safer, more efficient traffic flow

Check out the courses on sensors as the TrafiCam and ThermiCam series that can help you to make your city safer and traffic flow more efficient.

Reduce incidents, improve traffic flow

AID and Traffic Data collection

Discover the courses on the solutions that Automatically Detect Incidents and Collect traffic data.

Get your certification

on almost every FLIR ITS solution

Become an expert in FLIR ITS solutions. Learn how to install, configure one or more ITS solutions. Get certified so you can prove you have the skills to install and configure these solutions.

FLIR Traficon Academy, FLIR ITS training department offers you the opportunity to gain these skills, this certificate, at your own pace from behind your desk, from your home. The options to take this course either live virtually or in a classroom remain. Please contact us for this.

Experience some of the online course through the experience program or enroll in one of the certified courses.

Training is also possible in other languages.
La formation est également possible dans d'autres langues.
Schulungen sind auch in anderen Sprachen möglich.