In-person training formats

How can you get this training?

  • Live virtual

    Students connect through MS TEAMS, ZOOM or other conference application to get trained in the selected solution.

  • Classroom

    Trainer and students are all physically in the same (class)room.

About the classroom training

An in-person classroom training can be organized:

  • At or close to TELEDYNE FLIR ITS Offices

  • At your location

  • At a hotel near your offices

  • Ideally about 8 students

About the live-virtual training

A live-virtual in-person training can be organized

  • upto 3-hours online sessions

  • Using Microsoft TEAMS as teleconferencing tool

  • Using ZOOM as teleconferencing tool

  • Using a different conferencing tool

  • On average ideal up-to 12 students


1.000,00 Euro per day

  • Organized at your premises

    When organized near or at your offices the trainers travel and hotel costs are not included in the mentioned price. Neither is the cost to ship training material to the training location.

  • Organized near TELEDYNE FLIR ITS

    When organized near TELEDYNE FLIR ITS offices the students travel and stay at a hotel are not included. A price per person including stay at hotel and accommodation can be provided excl. the travel cost to get to the hotel.

  • Organized Live virtual

    A 1 day course will be split in different sessions. In either 3 days of 2-hour sessions or 2-days of 3 hours sessions. Often combined with one or two self-paced courses as preparation to the live-virtual classes.

On Smart City Sensors

FCE training

FLIR Certified Engineer Training offers training on one or more ITS solutions for urban applications as vehicle presence detection, pedestrians, for products as TrafiOne, ThermiCam Series, TrafiSense Series etc.

On AID and TDC

FCSE Training

FLIR Certified System Engineer Training is a training on one or more of the FLIR ITS Solutions for Automatic Incident Detection and Trafffic Data collection on Highways, Bridges or in Tunnels. FCSE on VIP-Series, TrafiBot- ThermiBot seriers, On ITS Series AID>

On Traffic Management Software

FCPE Training

FLIR Certified Platform training is a course on a software platform as FLUX, Acyclica to become a fully licenced Administrator or Operator in one of these software platforms.